Psoriasis Disease

Skin Disease:-

Stem cell therapy which is even not treats many type of skin disorder but even then scientist developed skin graft through stem cells. Stem cell therapy plays a very good role to treat much skin diseases.

Psoriasis Disease:-

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterized by inflamed, red, raised areas that often develop as silvery scales on the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. Psoriasis is estimated to affect 7.5 million people in the US.

What causes psoriasis?

The cause of psoriasis is unknown; however, it is thought to be caused by abnormally fast-growing and shedding skin cells. The skin cells multiply quickly, causing the skin to shed every three to four days. Though not contagious, the condition is hereditary. Psoriasis is often recurrent and occurs in varying severities.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

The following are the most common symptoms of psoriasis. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently, as psoriasis comes in several forms and severities. The goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation and slow down the rapid growth and shedding of skin cells. At the present time, there is no cure for psoriasis. Treatment may include:

  • Ointments and creams (to moisturize the skin)
  • Sunlight or ultraviolet light exposure (under a physician’s supervision)
  • Steroids (such as cortisone creams)
  • Vitamin D cream
  • Creams containing salicylic acid or coal tar
  • Anthralin–a drug that treats the thicker, hard-to-treat patches of psoriasis.
  • Methotrexate–an anti-cancer drug that interrupts the growth of skin cells.
  • Oral or topical retinoids
  • Immunosuppressive medications (such as Cyclosporine)


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  3. Stem cell treatment provides immune-modulatory effect means it is very helpful to modulate our immune system and our body stops to recognize our own cells as foreign cells.
  4. This stem cell provide anti-apoptic, immune modulation, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrosis properties. So overall avoid further complication of skin disease and improve patient life in future.



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